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Planning a cruise need help on the best dive ports.
ffscubadude - 1/08/2012 6:00 PM
Category: Travel
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Have it narrowed down to 3 choices.One thing that limits me is I will have my 11 year old Jr. Diver with me so he is restricted on depth to I think 40 ft. We have already been to Coz and loved it and loved the dive Op. there. I have always wanted to go to Belize but don’t know about taking my son there. We are gonna try diving at 2 different ports. Which one should I go on? Or which would YOU go on?
1. stops in Key West, Freeport, Nassau
2. Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, Cozumel
3. Mahogany Bay(Roatan), Belize, Cozumel
John_giu - 1/09/2012 9:08 AM
unless you are set mainly on a cruise consider Beaches Resort Turks and Caicos> Great family resort great diving, Scuba included, even the dive gear (although I always bring my own gear).

Two dives per day plus some pay-for optional dives. Other then that I would take option 1, Key West is hard to beat and I like the Bahamas better then Jamaica.

BTW, would you like to adopt me? DAD?

ffscubadude - 1/09/2012 8:05 PM
Yea I would love to do that but airfare alone is way more than the cost of the cruise.
ffscubadude - 1/09/2012 8:06 PM
And no to the adoption Idea. I am too poor to help ya out.
oceanbound - 1/10/2012 8:36 PM
I’ve done #3. here is a link to my review from cruising on the Valor and diving those three ports. Maybe it’ll help.
ffscubadude - 1/11/2012 8:55 AM
JDW, I had no trouble finding a great dive for a Jr diver in Coz. I think I have found a great shore dive in Roatan at the CoCo View Resort. Haven’t found anything as promising in Belize. But with that much reef access there must be some good shallow dives?
Oceanbound, thanks.That was a great review. Very informative and that dolphin dive sounds like something my son would love. You remember how much it cost?
#3 is in the lead for now and #2 has almost dropped from any consideration.Just not too thrilled with Jamaica.
#1 is the cheapest of the three so it’s still a possibility. Just don’t know about diving from a cruiseship at these ports and the timing involved.
oceanbound - 1/11/2012 6:44 PM
I couldn’t remember the cost of the dolphin but AKR has it listed for $137. I looked on Carnival’s site just now and it’s not listed with them anymore so you’ll have to book through AKR (Anthony’s Key Resort). That’s who we went with anyway and they picked us up and took us back to the ship. In fact, had several mini buses going back to the port at different times.
oceanbound - 1/11/2012 6:46 PM
and yes it’s a bit tougher to dive in Key West from cruise ship as it’s not usually in port long enough. I dove a few months ago in Nassau and wasn’t impressed. Freeport is good diving but I haven’t done so with a cruise ship. I’ve been going the past two years to spend a week and dive with Grand Bahama Scuba when I stay. I know that once when i was diving with them last year they did have a couple who were there by cruise ship for the day.