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Why NBTT Dive Group loves Santa Ana Winds…
Tromptista - 12/16/2011 6:01 PM
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Once again the Santa Ana winds are in the forecast. Santa Ana winds are the dry and often warm windy conditions from the North East that Southern California most commonly experiences in late fall and early winter. They cause catastrophic damage to trees and property because of the strong gusts which also fuel raging wild fires events. On a positive note they also contribute to ideal diving conditions (improved underwater visibility and lower surf) in Southern California. The Santa Ana winds suppress a phenomenon known as the Ekman transport which normally limits our underwater visibility. This effect occurs commonly along the west coast of continents like ours and is powered by winds that blow parallel to our coast creating a constant conveyor of nutrients brought up to the surface of our coastal waters reducing visibility. Through our underwater friends enjoy and thrive in these nutrient rich biological conditions now its our narrow chance to enjoy aquarium like diving.. 
- Marco Costa, PADI DM

About N.B.T.T.
No Beach Too Tough is an informal dive club formed in June of 2010 by divers Javy Martinez and Marco Costa. Together they met and involved many other divers they encountered with the goal of frequent diving to build knowledge, experience, and maintain dive fitness. The core dive focus of this group are local Southern California dive sites. Some sites which are more challenging then just hopping on a boat or climbing some stairs but which are usually unfrequented and therefore thriving marine sites ideal for diving. Further details regarding N.B.T.T. and scheduled dives and events with this group can be found on or visit

Additional Detailed Sources regarding the Santa Ana Winds Effect: