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Open Water certification. LOS ANGELES.
JFKAE - 6/02/2011 4:27 PM
Category: General
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Hey everyone,


My buddy wants to get his open water certification. He is located in the San Fernando Valley, Ca. If anyone is an instructor that would be able to help him get his certification rather cheap? Most places are charging quite rediculous. He has a timeline of getting it completed by June 25th. If you can message me regarding it would be greatly apprecaited.

Prices for everything would be appreaciated. Either certification for Padi or Naui would acceptable.

Thanks A lot.

Alex Liu.
Rich-D-Fish - 6/03/2011 12:14 AM
Hey Alex,

I would suggest your buddy signs up with Hollywoodivers. That’s where I got my training. Their prices were better than Sport Chalet when you add it all up. And he can get the class done in two weekends. I just checked their website for the June class dates. Classroom session is June 11 (most of studying done at home). Pool session half day on June 12. And then they go to Avalon, Casino Point for a weekend (June 18&19) for all the required ocean dives. It does require an overnight stay in Avalon, but I found that to be half the fun. No more expensive than two dates of boat dives with most of the dive shops. And you have almost guaranteed great conditions at Casino Point. The only other way I know he can get certified that fast is with a private lesson. And that will cost considerably more. Good luck.

SeaGoat - 6/03/2011 1:37 PM


Is your friend in the military and does he live near any bases? Some bases have their own dive clubs and they offer good deals on lessons and rental gear.

JFKAE - 6/03/2011 4:54 PM

Thanks for the replies. He’s not active duty military like myself sadly. I guess I lucked out doing my stuff overseas. I’ll pass him the information regarding hollywood divers. I told him that he should check it out and he said he would Thanks a lot Rich.