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Super Macro photography, but still flexible?
Elvis48 - 5/09/2011 7:21 AM
Category: Photography
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I just recently (yesterday) purchased Nikon’s fairly new D5100 w/ 18-55mm VR lens. The housing I want is yet to be released, but am fairly certain I’ll be using it underwater, in place of my current Olympus fe-3010.

I’m trying to be as flexible as possible with it, as far as getting both close-up and wide angle shots, but I certainly enjoy the close-up shots a heck of a lot more. So, I’d be willing to sacrifice some wide shots to get some really nice close-ups. I’ve been doing my research, but would like to get a first hand opinion. I was hoping someone with a little more experience and knowledge in the field might help make some suggestions. I know lenses can be kind of pricey, but I wasn’t looking to spend much more than $600-700 for a lens/wet lens/teleconverter or any combination of the above, whatever I may need (cheap, but not too cheap). Thanks for your help.
kc_moses76 - 5/14/2011 11:24 PM
I was on the same boat as you a few months ago. From my research, most people like the Tokina fisheye for wide angle, and Canon 50 or 100mm macro for macro. But if they choose either one of the above, they’re stuck with the lens through out the whole dive.

For those who want to do both in one dive, the Sigma 17-70mm is the popular way to go, here is an article about it:

That lens is not very expensive, f2.8 so it’s quite fast, could do reasonable macro and wide angle. I didn’t get into it because of the whole dome port, zoom gear, not to mention the hosing for my Canon 7D would cost me $2000. Not ready for that kind of investment yet.