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Dive Trailer
QuarryDiver - 5/03/2010 3:44 PM
Category: Equipment
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Good afternoon all.

I have an interesting thought to ponder during your surface interval.
I have a Wells Cargo Enclosed Trailer 8’x24’ with an interior height of 7’. This trailer has marine grade flooring and built in upper/lower cabinets with counter top at the nose. Trailer is rated for 10,000 lbs. I bought the trailer to move from PA to WI with thoughts of selling it when I got to WI and then buying a toyhauler so that when I camp/dive all gear stays in garage section. However, the thought of turning into a dive trailer is most appealing to include a nitrox fill station. Now the reason I want my own fill station is I have three divers in my family and I dive regular through summer with 3 families a grand total of 9 Divers. Book of 40 fills (nitrox/HP) [ at ] $13.00/fill for 9 divers = $4,680.00. My own fill station should pay for itself rather quickly, maybe unless I am missing something.

Also, 99% of all diving done from April-October will quarries and lakes in PA, WI, and everywhere in between.

So with all this being said, I have three questions.

1. Does anyone have a dive trailer or at least the design for the most efficient use of space to layout a dive trailer to include a nitrox fill station? 

2. The other thought is, would I ba able to do what I want with a box truck so that I can pull behind a small travel trailer or popup?

3. OR, should I scrap the whole thing and just go with the original idea of a toy hauler?


SCUBASMITTY - 5/03/2010 10:09 PM
first off IF you find a CERTIFIED nitrox air fill system for under 5k, LET ME KNOW. these guy’s are reasonable and I have had good service from them in the past.

the ma-90 std/auto on a single phase is what works for me on an inverter/solar with a generator

as a back up system. you can put alot of solar panel’s on an 8x24 roof (think green dude)

as far as space is concerned,store your tanx on a good quality / secure rack along the wall’s

pvc bases and a strap lock rail with ratchet strap’s work good,

I have 1inch pipe 6.5 x 3ft with 4 90 deg elbows made up with sunbrella canvas lashed around the

the pipe and attached to the wall to pivot down and use as a temp storage shelf and mighty

fine sleeping berth.use a good anchor chain or cable for the outboard end’s- been there busted my ass.

rope not a good choice,!

if it is going to go off the BEATEN PATH flip the axles to the underside of the spring’s

it will give you more clearance on those back wood’s dive sites.

I kept the hot water heater and 40 gal fresh water tank from the fifth wheel trailer that I tore down to make my little towable garage

so I cold have out door showers and salt water rinses,I plumbed up an out door sink as well as used the propane line from the front of the trailer to

hang a bbq grill off the outside wall under a hand rolled tarp system to enjoy the comrades after a good dive and do a little post dive BS"N

what ever you choose to do make it fit your dive style,, and HAVE FUN !