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Pompano Beach
screamn - 4/22/2010 9:20 AM
Category: Travel
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I will be going to Pompano Beach FL from June 24th to the 29th. I was thinking of diving with Force E. Anyone heard of them and have any comments? This will be my first time to this area. Any suggestions? What is the norm for a wet suit for this area?

I will be by myself on the dives, so if anyone wants to join me, that would be great.

Thank You.
palmm - 4/22/2010 3:34 PM
i will dive with you, what shop are you planning on diving with. i will just have to take a day off work.
DeepAddiction - 4/22/2010 4:05 PM

Hey man, I travel down there frequently and was diving as recently as Monday night. Look up these guys from Gold Coast, they dive 2 or 3 times a week. Shore dives mainly, so its cheap but a lot of them will do boat dives as well. I’m sure they can give you some pointers on operators.

Look up divergirl4u on DB as well and reach out to Kim, she is a super person and willing to help where she can.
TColJeep - 4/22/2010 6:10 PM
You should be fine with a 3mm. Force E has some pretty cool people working for them. They’ll do right by you.
John_giu - 4/23/2010 6:07 PM


I dove out of the Force-E Pompano Store. It’s a great location and only about five minutes from at least one on the boats they charter with. You can stop by the shop and pick up your pass and tanks, or for an extra dollar or two the boat Captain will lug the tanks. On a multiple day dive you can pick up all the passes at one time. What ever you are not taking with you can rent at the shop. 3MM is all you need, I dove there in March and it was fine.

They put me with Parrot Island Charters. A good trip but be ready to get in line and get off the boat! This outfit expects you know how to dive. The boats can be pretty full and the people are fiendly so you wont have a hard time buddying-up. They usually do a deep dive and a drift. And you ABSOLUTLY have to do a drift dive! This is the best value in diving.

The most important thing is the parking. The marina has limited parking and the fishing charters full it up early. There is a public park across from the marinea with free parking and there is limited street parking. My best advise is pay the couple of bucks for the dive operator to take your tanks and get there early for parking. I think the shop opens at eight and by then you are already pushing it if you wait to get your tanks in the morning.

Have a great dive!


screamn - 4/26/2010 8:40 AM
Thanks for all the info. It is very helpful.

palmm, I look forward to meeting you.
divergirl4u - 4/26/2010 1:44 PM

Force E is great and they will hook you up with some boat dives :) Gold Coast is also great and have a very active group of divers who shore dive 2 or 3 times a week

I will be more then happy to lead you on a shore dive or 2 send me an email a week or two befor you arrive.


Have fun and be safe :)
Pad1089 - 8/02/2010 11:18 AM
I’ll be vacationing in the Pompano beach area until Friday the 6th. Would anyone want to do a few local shore dives?