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Blue Stone & Fantasy Lake NC
captkirk - 4/07/2010 9:15 PM
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Has anyone been to either of the quarries since the weather has warmed up? Whats the water temps? I’m ready to get wet.
sharon - 4/07/2010 11:36 PM

Used to live near Fantasy Lake - Wake Forest, NC - have not been in a few years, but it is owned by Doye Sherril who ran a Raleigh beautician’s school. He used alot of the haircut heads as buoy balls tied to cinderblocks underwater - it’s freaky. The best was the ’caretaker’ who’s name was Cannonball - don’t know if he is still there - he was a ginormous bald guy who used to float in the quarry on a raft made of above mentioned heads caught in a cargo net, wearing bib overalls. There was a gumball machine full of dogfood for the catfish, and hairdryer chairs for seating. Think this is all cleaned up now - has a dive shop, camping, etc. It is much cleaner and nicer now.

It is very cold water - there is a thermocline at 20 feet or so, and probably another one deeper. The water at the surface is clear, but at 15-20 ft, the vis can be 10-15 ft. Many will tell you less vis, but its pretty accurate. You will need a 5mm wetsuit and hood, unless you like freezing. The water has brim, catfish, snakes, and some small fish. The highlight is the rock-crusher at about 30 ft, and other equipment and vehicles left in the quarry when it flooded.

Many dive clubs camp there - there are usually fun activities going on on the weekends - poker rallies, treasure hunts, etc. There are a ton of check-out dives going on there - most everyone is novice divers. There are pretty trails that go around the quarry.

Don’t recall Blue Stone - is this near Rocky Mount? I may have done my rescue dives there...:) don’t remember!

Have fun - send an update if you go!!!

DalelynnSims - 4/08/2010 7:28 AM
Lake Rawlings temp ~54 viz great
captkirk - 4/08/2010 11:04 AM
Thanks Dale and Sharon. Might have to make a trip to crystal river, 54 is still a lil on the cool side. Blue Stone is in Thomasville just west of Ashboro. We’ve been to both but not this early in the season.
bayfever - 4/09/2010 12:04 AM
I did my rescue diver at lake Rawlings 2 weeks ago and the temp was 42. I’m going to Morehead ,NC, 4/17 to shoot fish hoping for warmer water. Lets get together and hunt {Bayfever}
captkirk - 4/09/2010 10:08 AM
That sounds like a winner. 42 is a lil to cold for my liking. Water temp at the pryingpan tower is supposedly around 63.