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Dominica - Feb
L&C - 8/16/2007 4:59 PM
Category: Travel
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We are looking to book at trip to Dominica in Feb 2008. Would love to hear from DiveBuddy members about hotels/resorts and best choice for diving. Thanks! Craig & Lisa
DiverRaygr - 10/23/2007 6:51 PM
I was there a few years ago in March- diving was good. Would like to go back to see more of the island. We stayed at the Anchorage Resort, south of town. The resort was nice, great for divers not needing a whole lot. Lots of fish life, no "big" fish- the coral was in good shape. Don`t remember the name of the dive site but all were interesting to see. Seen dolphins as we were going out for a night dive. Went on whale site seeing one afternoon. No beaches to speak of, very rocky shoreline. To see the island we hired a taxi to take us to the sites- this took all day and we still didn`t see all of it. Ray
Mare_Liberum - 12/14/2007 1:24 PM
Craig & Lisa, I went with a dozen other divers three years ago to Dominica. We stayed at Castle Comfort Lodge. Castle Comfort is on the opposite side of the island from the airport and the bus ride over the top of the island was better then any roller coaster I`ve ever been on. The rooms were typical of your average dive resort, adequate and clean. Castle Comfort was a couple of miles south of Roseau, the capital. We sometimes walked to Roseau during the day, but usually at night took a bus (van) that pass by the resort all day and into the night. I wouldn`t recommend walking to Roseau at night; it is a very dark and narrow road. The staff at Castle Comfort was friendly and helpful. Dive Dominica--at the Lodge--was also friendly and helpful. Most diving was to the south near Scotts Head. We saw lots of fish and beautiful coral. If you get there, during one of your surface interval have them put you ashore in the village of Soufriere. One day during our surface interval about 200 dolphins came into the harbor off Soufriere. It was an incredible sight. I don`t remember doing any wrecks but there were several swim-through Castle. In the afternoons we did a Whale-Watch (and actually saw Whales), hiked to the Emerald Pool and Trafalgar Falls. We went to Roseau each evening for dinner, Castle Comfort didn`t serve dinner. All the food was good. The food at the Fort Young hotel was the best. The police don`t carry guns and we were told that the island was safe. One evening, however, as we left a restaurant in Roseau a young kid with a knife tried to steal the purse from a woman in our group. The police apprehended the kid, but the knife really frightened the woman. She had to go to court two days later and testify. The kid was not given a lawyer and was sentenced to 10 years in jail. Oh well! If you have any other questions, just e-mail me. Yes, I would go back to Dominica. Mare_Liberum