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Dive Signals - New app for scuba divers in the app store!
Teague - 1/13/2010 3:15 AM
Category: Training
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…the DiveSignals-Booklet from ok2dive is now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

More than 160 internationa scuba hand signals for underwater communication!

Handy and easy to use: this practical application contains all the modules of our current print edition. Right now, you can access all of the hand signs wherever and whenever you want! Enjoy the interesting photos, the straight forward explanations and easy handling.
What does a “Christmastree-tube worm look like? No problem. The app displays a photo of the marine animal with every hand sign. You and your dive-buddy will always be speaking about the same thing!

Interested? Find it at the app store "Dive Signals"

or the following link:

More details at:
LatitudeAdjustment - 1/13/2010 9:00 AM
All we need now is a waterproof iPhone
sdvrgirl - 1/13/2010 10:38 AM
I downloaded the app and it is nice, but some of the most common signals for things aren’t used. Like seahorse (riding a horse motion is what we use) is something totally different, but I see where they are getting it from. Fun to have apps for divers though!
Teague - 1/13/2010 11:41 AM
Further signals are in progress :). We are just working on the update, to get further signs in. 

If you like to help us with "new" signs or signs you are thinking they are missing: send your suggestions to takepart [ at ]

We are happy to boost the app and the language of underwater communication!
Teague - 1/13/2010 11:43 AM
I found that last week :)

Have fun, hope it works!