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Congrats So.Cal. Divebuddies!
Rich-D-Fish - 10/31/2009 10:42 AM
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My network of Southern California Divebuddies just sold out the biggest dive boat in town (40 people) in only 24 hours!!!! I had to share this good news on the subject matter of this website and how valuable a resource it is. Over the past year and a half I’ve met over a 100 new divebuddies through Sure, Southern California is blessed with pretty much year-round good diving weather and there are A LOT of divers in the area. But up until I found this site I was stuck with the same 4-5 guys, trying to drag them away from their commitments to come dive with me. I’d occasionally go on a dive charter made up of ten or so small groups who barely said hello to each other. Until I had the idea of booking the whole boat for just US.... There are many benefits; everyone knows each other, making for a much more fun trip, and everyone pays a much lower price because the cost isn’t marked up by a dive shop or Dive Trip broker. The risk will fall on one person’s shoulders (in this case mine) to float the money. But I’ve found most of my divebuddies to be very reliable. So far we’ve done 3 full charters this way in 2009 with no problems. We’ve sort of become a dive club with no name, no dues, and no meetings....just lots of diving!

These are the steps I use: 1. Meet as many divebuddes through, plus their friends, plus friends of their friends. 2. Collect everyone’s e-mail address. 3. Pick a boat and get the price to charter the whole boat. 4. Pick a date with plenty of time for organizing your group. 5. Send an e-mail to everyone on your list asking who’s in for sure 6. Expect half of those "yes" replies to develop schedule or health issues - so keep a waiting list. 7. Once you have more than enough divers, place the deposit on the boat and tell everyone to "Book now - first come first reserved." All boats require some sort of deposti. Some boats will let each person RSVP direct with a credit card. Others require you to collect the money and pay in advance. It’s up to you to determine your level of commitment.

Another benefit of developing such a big network....never a shortage of divebuddies for shore dives. Just send out a group e-mail.

I hope this helps more people on this site have fun by diving more....and ALWAYS with a buddy!

oceanfloor - 10/31/2009 1:25 PM

That’s great. All my divebuddies come from this site too. Wish I lived closer to you... I would definitely be jumping on the bandwagon too. Happy diving.

timengle - 11/01/2009 9:21 AM

This is going to be a great day of diving, and a great way to finally meet a lot of my buddies from divebuddy. I can’t wait for the trip. This going to be an awesome day of diving!!!

Thanks again for the invite.
sk290 - 11/01/2009 8:20 PM
Hey! Where are you guys going?

Rich-D-Fish - 11/02/2009 1:24 AM
Anacapa Island on the Spectre Dive boat out of Ventura Harbor for 4 dives. 
Eve - 11/02/2009 2:09 AM

It is great to hear that divebuddy is doing what it intented to do, get dive buddies together. Have fun and keep doing what you are doing , it works!


Iggy23 - 11/03/2009 11:20 AM

I’m booked on the trip. I can’t wait to meetup with all these local divers. I find it impossible to find divers to dive the channel islands with these days



#142 - 11/03/2009 12:30 PM
 also thanks to all the dive buddies aboard our boat on the 14th of November going to the Oil Rigs. The diving right now in SO Cal is amazing. the swell model for this week is a 1 footer. Hit the beach yahoooo!
Tunaman68 - 11/14/2009 7:12 PM
And the Oil Rigs more than lived up to the hype! An amazing trip to be a part of. Thanks Rich and!