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Newbie Spearfishing
ssbeachbaby - 9/21/2009 5:38 AM
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I went spearfishing (gun) for the first time yesterday with my 48" Special A.B. Biller Seahornet that a friend had given to me because they had quit diving. My husband (RAFTRIVER) was my partner and we dove the Navy Tug in 80+ feet on our second dive where it was full of life. The first thing we saw was a loggerhead and big (Florida Key size) barracuda. The vis was 50+ which was great for our area. When I reached the tug (which is intact), the first thing I noticed was a 6+ ft bullshark and then the huge sanddollar graveyard which drew my attention because I am not normally a gun toter. I picked up a few things and then went to see what Jim was looking at when a bunch of fish swam by that were pretty big. I am not great at identifying game fish so I wasn’t sure if these were good to shoot since Jim wasn’t doing it but they kept swarming me and asking for it so I went next to him so he could see me and I knew where he was and "BAM" I got a nice one. He immediately took over and tried to calm the fish by gouging out its eyes (I did a gut shot) I had already warned him of the shark that was creeping back toward us but he just kept fighting the fish so I took out my ancient Blackie Collins that was sure to give the shark tetanus at least and did a West Side Story behind Jim’s back. I could actually hear his laughter underwater when he turned to look at me. He put the fish on a stringer so I figured I had something edible but he only had one gun which freaked me out because I thought my gun had gotten lost. (He took my gun away because of the dead fish/shark threat and the fact that when I went to reload it , I put the bands on the wrong side of the shaft) It turned out that the reason he did not shoot at the fish was because while I was picking up sanddollars -he already had tried. His speartip had spun off and his shaft had flown off too. When I had come up he only had a gun and cable so luckily I was determined to make a kill. We had delicious AMBERJACK for supper last night OH YEAH! From now on, we will check our speartips and I will check where my bands are before inserting the shaft in my gun. Oh btw he let his gun float up to our buddies on the boat and they found his tip, shaft, a gaff a deepsearod and reel(penn) and an 18" horse conch. Great Trip!!!
badintexas - 9/24/2009 12:25 PM
Felicia! That’s awesome. What a trip. You had me laughing at your description. Thanks for posting your experience!
ssbeachbaby - 9/25/2009 7:16 PM

I’m glad you enjoyed it. Jim just read it and laughed too. Now he’s doing songs from the movie.Felicia