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Lost Diver
Dtwel - 8/18/2009 4:36 PM
Category: Web Site Help
Replies: 3

Hey can someone help me resize my pics so i can add them to my Personal page? My pics are to large!

As you can tell im not computer savy!
DalelynnSims - 8/18/2009 5:27 PM
easiest way is likely use paint as it is on all computers. Open the file with paint and then select Image > Strech/Skew. Don’t forget to save after you have it sized. You can also crop in this.
Dtwel - 8/18/2009 11:57 PM

Hey Dale

Thanks for helping the mentally handicapped obtain new and exciting computer literate skills!

Now i got pics on my personal page, and will be adding more!!

daz88 - 8/19/2009 9:07 AM

The first thing you want to do is to COPY your photos and put all pictures you want to resize in a seperate folder. Or you will shrink your original photos.

if you have windows and are viewing pictures with microsoft office picture manager (or right click on the photo icon and scroll down to "open with" and choose "microsoft office picture manager") once there, there is a button on the top menu bar that says "edit pictures", click that....and then on the right look for "resize". There you’ll have several choices, the easiest way is to choose last option that says "Percentage of original width x height". then type in what you want. (usually 50% is good enuff) then press okay. Then go up to the top "File" scrolll down and press "save".