cspring - 1/30/2009 10:33 PM
A group of us went 2 weeks ago. The mine itself was pretty amazing with the high ceilings and huge pillars. The water was very clear and a steady 57 -59 degrees. Our five dives (2 days) ranged from 45-73 minutes. We all had drysuits but some folks there were in wetsuits. The air temp in the mine was a little bit warmer than the water and humid. You are required to complete the trails in order and they have more overhead/swim-thru as you go on. First dive you will do a mask flood and alternate air exercise. Every dive is lead (so you don’t have to pay attention to where you are going) and at least one safety diver in the rear. No lights or cameras on the first dive. In our group, only one did not mention coming back. I did take some pictures so I will try to post them. It was tough to shoot pics there and they do not capture the true size of the place. Mining equipment, rail tracks, and rock formations. One thing - be ready to walk up and down to get to the dock/surface. Take only the gear you need as it can be a long way back up full of gear.