Spearo - 8/19/2008 10:10 AM

My advice...get your diving gear in place including computer and get as many deep open water dives as you can in diffrent enviromets so you and your diving gear become "one" only then take another UW task like spearfishing. It’s easy to spear a fish but harder to land that fish specially if other bigger fish are ready to eat it before your eyes and there is nothing you want to do about it.

JBL is not a bad start for the money, I would stay with the 5/16" x 36" shaft with three slings to start.You will out grow a smaller size fast if you only have "one size fits all" and anything bigger is just too lg. for your skill level at this time. The key number is 5/16"

Some JBL models to look at will be the Woody, some Mini-Magnums, and the Elites models but cost is a bit more with the last. Stay away from the Mini, Carbines, Explorer and even the Lightning but then again..how much will you be spearfishing?


Best of luck