MDW - 1/01/2019 8:36 AM
Chase and I had a good dive. I tested out my new double hose reg (Argonaut Kraken) and it works great. Downside is I dropped my light (it slipped off my hand several times during the dive) and right at the end of the dive it got away from me because I was too light to swim down after it fast enough.

Otherwise a nice day for diving. My computer logged a max temp of 47 and a min temp of 46, so:
1) all thermoclines are gone
2) the temperature is down to winter levels, but not bad considering the couple cold snaps we had s far
3) my mittens, hood, and drysuit underwear are doing their job; I was not cold at all, even my fingers

The lack of thermoclines, cooling water, and 6 weeks since last open day have brought great visibility, but all ropes and surfaces are already coverd in green goo. I cleaned all lines we followed, but that will likely have no impact on the condition of these lines by spring. Oh well.

Chase test-drove a DUI drysuit and discovered the high drag of a shell suit and rock boots. He also rented an HP120 and discovered the extra length is not a problem as some had suggested it might be.

I was expecting at least one person to complain about my gear setup (double hose reg, horse collar BC, plastic backpack), but the only comment I got was one "is that a rebreather?" to which I said, "nope, it’s open circuit"

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