MDW - 11/09/2018 3:58 PM
I have plans to dive with another guy from here on DiveBuddy.com tomorrow morning (Sat) from 8 to noon, so you are welcome to join us. In fact, that would be good, as I have to leave at noon and he may want to do another dive with you after I leave. I don’t think we will go to the deep end tomorrow, but you and I definitely can on Sunday.

When I go out to the cars (95 ft most of the way), I usually end up with some deco to do, but if I come up to some shallower stuff on the way back it usually reduces by the time I actually get to 20 ft (i.e. actually decoing at 60, 50, 40 ft. during the second half of dive). The last few times I had to hang out at 10 ft for a couple minutes, but no big deal.

I’ll dive either backmount 72s with an AL30 or just 2 sidemount 85s with no third bottle, so plan accordingly.

I live 5 miles from DS, so I don’t need a room. If you do come out tomorrow morning, or whenever we meet Sunday, you will find me in a black GMC Sonoma with a rack and a cargo net in back. I’ll be someplace on the peninsula side.

See you soon,