j322y - 11/28/2017 3:53 PM
Sounds good FMT. I can’t commit too far ahead I’m afraid because this is my busy season. I’m a freelance chef, so I have to be ready to work when the opportunity presents.

I’m a new diver, but the dive master on Sunday said my buoyancy was perfect, and I’m relatively comfortable in the water. I’ve been to 100 ft, and I have no issues with that depth. I’ve been training diligently to get the basics down. Have nitrox cert. and have a fairly low SAC rate.

Hard to say what the water will be like in 2 weeks, but 80º was nice.

I’m also diving on a backup while I wait for my main computer to come back from service. Using a Geo 2 and a basic SPG for now.

I’ll put the 13th on my schedule and see what happens. I get work in Miami sometimes, so maybe in that case we could meet in the keys before or after.