LatitudeAdjustment - 8/28/2017 7:34 AM
Sunday tides;
Su 3 Low 12:17 AM 0.6 6:26 AM Set 3:36 AM 87
3 High 6:15 AM 4.2 7:24 PM Rise 6:02 PM
3 Low 12:25 PM 0.7
3 High 6:32 PM 5.0

If you want to do Sunday the second high tide is 6:32 pm so we could be in the water by 6 pm. I just tend to avoid there on weekends because of the shore traffic and the park would be busier, more picnicers and crabbers but the tennis players should be running out of daylight by then and freeing up some parking spots.

This will be warmer than Maine, I usually do this in a 3 mil. The video from the park here in the forum and on the dive site will give you an idea of the limited viz, usually around 5’ but there is a better chance of finding seahorses here than on a Cozumel dive!

Let me know if this time is okay and I’ll post the dive up the forum so maybe we’ll get more of the crew that dive the river on a regular basis.