BORG - 7/30/2017 10:54 PM
Thanks for the reply, that’s ironic you would mention that. I did just that yesterday at Dive Dive Dive. They said I could get in the pool since there was a class going on there and I wouldn’t be diving alone.
Paid the $10 and was issued a tank. It started out being a good time, until the instructor, who was very rude, reprimanded me from the time I introduced myself to her from where I put my tank, to where I was kitting up and where I put my gear bag. I was told I could dive since there was a class there and she, the instructor, treated me like a piece of crap. Will never go back there again.
Enjoyed getting in the water, but from now on I will probably find a buddy and go to Divers Supply in Marietta. If the pool isn’t full with a class there and/or you can dive there for the price of a rental tank with a buddy. Nicer people to deal with and I buy all my gear there. Great prices! Only reason for my original question was to have an option if Divers Supply’s pool was full with a class on any particular weekend.
I’ll be at the Atlanta Aquanauts meeting on Aug. 15th at 7:00p.m. at the Hudson Grill in Sandy Springs. First time going to the meeting, looking to meet other divers for buddies for local diving(Ga. SC and Fla.) in the future.
Want to get my SDI Advanced done by later Sept. or early Oct. probably at Lake Jocassee in SC. Dove there for the first time about 6 yrs ago. Really liked how clear the water was, and have been impressed with Bill Routh and his team at the Lake Jocassee Dive Shop, great, knowledgeable folks.
Thanks again for the reply.