Nesher - 7/07/2008 10:55 PM


Thanks for the information and advice. 

I can definitely see the issue of tilting to the side upon initial descent. Only in cold water did I experience difficulties descending.

Based upon conditions I could use one of three different wetsuits in warm/tropic waters alone.

With a steel cylinder I’ve never had to adjust the weight unless I moved down from a 3mm to a 0.5mm.

Basically I think I’m going to have to go the old fashion route and just check and recheck both before the dive and during the safety stop.

UC - You are so right.... 40lbs is a lot of weight. Especially when you have to walk distance, climb stairs and traverse over rocks and boulders to get to the ocean.

This almost makes me want to pay the extra money and just travel with a steel cylinder?