uc3307 - 7/07/2008 7:39 PM

I dive cold and warm water. I dive wet and dry. I also dive salt and fresh water, so I use a lot of diffrent setups.

I have found that the PADI weight suggestions are highly overstated. 40 lbs is a lot of weight. The way to check weight stated by the last entry is good, but doesn’t account for extra equiptment, bcd, conditions and diver breathing.

What I have done, just like the last suggestion said, plus: be confortable with the setup. If you don’t relax it will be harder to go down. It may sound trivial, but let drop about 10 lbs, make sure you let all air out of your lungs and be sure you are letting all the air out of your bcd.

When I bought my new BC I loved it once under water, but for some reason is hard to get all the air out at the suface, so I learned to tilt myself to let air out better. For example Ice Diving (fresh water) I was not confortable, new equiptment and stressed I needed about 32 lbs. Now with the same equiptment I dive with 14 lbs.

As you can see I’ve had same issues, so I hope I’ve helped.