xracr96 - 7/23/2015 3:59 PM
You guys up for anything this weekend? Was thinking about Blue Heron Bridge or a dive charter down that way.

BHB is a shore dive and would begin around 3:30pm. Only cost is the tank (air)/gear.

Also found Jupiter Dive Charters at 8:30am Saturday. United Caribbean Wreck dive. 60’ at the top down to 75’. Should be a 2 tank dive. $65 for boat and should be $15 for tank. $5 tip. Roughly $105 total. pompano.scubaocity.com/index.cfm?go=divecalendar

Maybe do one or both? Thoughts?

I don’t mind driving, but can only fit 1 more in my small car due to carrying gear. Both sites are 20 minutes from each other.