JasonP - 10/23/2013 5:57 PM
The most common freedive-specific statistics that freedivers track:

Best Performances ("apnea" means "without breath")

Dry static apnea time (DSA)(seconds) - staying still, not in water

Dry dynamic apnea time (DDA)(meters) - walking at a normal pace on land

Wet static apnea time (WSA)(seconds) - staying still, face-down in contained water

Wet dynamic apnea, no fins distance (DYN)(meters) - swimming horizontally underwater

Wet dynamic apnea, with fins distance (DNF)(meters) - same as above

Constant Weight, no fins depth (CWT)(meters) - straight down and up with out dropping any ballast.

Constant Weight, with fins depth (CNF)(meters) - same as above

Something to think about... These are the personal stats any freediver is going to track. There are others which are competition only, so I left them out.