ScubaCrab - 9/26/2013 4:47 AM
Just me KISS. Keep it simple stupid. All this teknowledgy sound’s tempting but I do not like adding more failure points. My last wreck dive my divebuddy almost had to call her dive because her computer would not recognize any air pressure on a full tank! Must be simple to operate allso. When I started diving there were a few thing’s I had a proplem remembering how to set up in my computer and nobody on the boat could help because dive computer’s seem to not all work the same. I stated with a watch and my dive tables. Then bought a computer when I learned more and could make a better decision on what was right for me. When I puchased a computer It gave me a back up if there was a failure, problems learning my compuer or forgeting to program air, nitrox, sea or fresh water etc. Currently dive with dive table’s and a watch with 2 computers for redundent back up. As tecknowlegy improve’s I may get eventualy get air intragrated but allway’s have backup incase of failure. Currently 7 years since I took my open water. Now Wreck penetration certified considering tecnical training.
Newest iw not allway’s the best or safest!