ScubaCrab - 9/16/2013 5:47 AM
Hey Sandy
How about Paridise Springs Thurs Sep 19th #1dive I would like to go to the 100ft spot before the cave come back up to 80 to 60ft look around a little bit then 50ft for 1 min 1/2 depth safe to stop accend to 15 ft 3 min safety stop, surface for the apropriate time according to our computers.
#2dive go to 85ft go back to look around at 80ft to 60ft for a little bit. Do a 1 min safety stop 40-45ft then a 3min safety stop at 15 ft then surface. (I am trying to simulate 2 wreck dives in the morning)
After lunch a 30 to 50ft dive to simulate a reef dive. You could practice with your reels and or take pics if you wanted to or anything else time permiting?
Let me know if you care to do these dives with me?
Thanks Doug

Thanks Doug