LatitudeAdjustment - 3/02/2013 9:31 AM
It’s right next to Coco View and shares their house reef but with different shore entry points. That is a beautiful reef and will keep you entertained all week.

The dive op is good and you stay on the same boat all week as you work along the reefs. You can use Scuba Earth or Dive Sites on the toolbar to preview the sites, I think I’ve posted pictures on most of them.

Like any island you should avoid meats and other things that should be refridgerated that were brought in on the ferry. Some people like me who can eat shellfish at home have bad reations to SA shellfish, I got sick three times before I figured that out, the last time Dr. John on Utila had to have me air evaced to a mainland hospital.

To go with the fish we bought a bottle of white wine from FI, it had turned to vinegar and would be better for treating jellyfish stings :(