firediver57 - 9/03/2009 11:43 AM
Just a question or two for you. Who are you going to get to service your computer? If you go to your local dive center and they honor factory warranty then they will have done the work for free on equipment you bought elsewhere, which I know isn’t uncommon but it is infrequent in real world. (One shop doing repairs for another - but it is a two way street). Second is the equipment "new"? How do you know? the problem with alot of online places, (and by no means am I saying Scubastore is shady, illegal, or bad), get their merchandise as seconds, or reconditioned. Grey market is killing your local scuba dealer/educational facility. We get numerous customers in our shop, mad as hell because this "product" that they bought online isn’t right, and you are an "XYZ" dealer so YOU (meaning me the dealer) need to replace this garbage NOW! They fail to understand that the cut rate and online availability may come from factory "UN"authorized dealers. I frequently have to do some sort of negotiating with the customer and do free repair or replacement at partial value to keep them from blasting me on the street for being a lousy "SOB" and not helping them out. They don’t get mad at where they bought things they are mad at me for not fixing it as if it was my problem in the first place. The other complaint I get is that they sent "it" off for repairs and it came back unrepaired or repaired wrong, and they have been without "it" for two months and can I give them something while they send it back again and they have to wait for "it". Or can I out right fix it for free because I am and "XYZ" dealer anyway and YOU (meaning me the dealer) fix these all the time. I am sure many people get good deals, at good prices, and have no problems with their purchases we just don’t see those. I recommend that you support your local dive center or shop, don’t be embarrassed about asking for a better price, and help them stay viable in a difficult market. They will be here for you in the long haul. Good luck, Carmine