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New Diver Buddy - Central Pa
XxshaddxX - 4/10/2024 6:01 PM
Category: Buddy Wanted
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Hey Divers - Just finished my CW dives and will be heading to do my OW in June. After failing at getting my friends / family to join in on the fun, i’ve come here to look for a buddy. I live near Harrisburg, Pa and I am obviously a brand new diver. Looking for anyone who is looking to share a dive on a regular basis in this area. Starting to look now for a buddy - New divers are just as welcome as seasoned divers!

shoot me a PM if at all interested!

c’mon - Lets dive!!
XxshaddxX - 4/15/2024 6:35 PM
Thank you Eric! Looking forward to finding some awesome dive buddies here!
AlexS - 11 days 14 hours ago.
Hi Shadd,

I’m looking too. 12 dives and just got my own equipment. I found a lead through PA Dive Buddies, He is a GUE instructor and will probably do some dives with his group at Lake Hydra. You must have an instructor to dive there, by the way. Glad I didn’t just show up.

I am definitely open to joining you at other sites. I would like to get a few supervised dives in first before setting out as 2 amateurs. I live in Perkasie at the moment.
XxshaddxX - 11 days 3 hours ago.
Hey Alex, (I am Alex too) I’ve added you as a buddy. I too will have my own equipment complete with cylinders and all! (I am using entirely Aqualung) Unfortunately your are correct, Lake Hydra is teaming up with local Shops to offer guided dives. Which is great for those like me (and you) who don’t have buddies yet. I’m quite interested in Willow Springs and Lake allure near Lancaster, Pa. I already reached out to them and they do not require a dive master or guide. As long as both buddies are certified, Have their own gear and of course there must be 2 divers; no solo diving. I’m in the Harrisburg area so Lake Hydra is a bit of a hike, but worth it from what I’ve read! (i’ll know soon though)

Honestly, that is quite smart to get some guided dives before just setting out. I have a pool that I’ll be practicing in between dives. Perhaps we can arrange a guided dive together? We can learn both; being buddies and have fun under the watchful eye of a DM! PM me if you are interested in exchanging more info and a more formal greeting :)

June 1/ 2 are my open water check out dives at Lake Hydra - Wish me luck!!