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Lost AEE action cam - Cozumel
GRod-Diver - 5/09/2019 7:15 PM
Category: Equipment
Replies: 2


I know this is a long shot.... but,

If you or anyone you know is in Cozumel now or will be here in the next few days....

Keep an eye out for an AEE action cam that fell over the sand flats near Santa Rosa wall today.

Not worried about the camera, It was out of the case, so the camera is toast, but I sure would like to see if the videos can be salvaged from the SD Card!

Like a said, it’s a LONG shot, but you never know!
Eric_R - 11 days 12 hours ago.
Those sd cards are tough.
GRod-Diver - 9 days 9 hours ago.
I’m still hoping against hope!