Shark River, L Street and MacLearie park NJ closures
LatitudeAdjustment - 4/12/2019 9:56 AM
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During storms, wastewater in Belmar’s sewer system mixes with the stormwater and overflows, sending sewage into the nearby Shark River.

The source of the leak is sewers in the area of Route 35 and K Street, according to a violation issued by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to Belmar.

The L Street beach is a small strip of bayshore sand east of MacLearie Park. It stretches a single block between L Street and K Street.

The NJDEP violation was issued after a December inspection found that Belmar failed to to address sewer overflows into the Shark River, pump stations not built to standards or with the proper approvals and no scheduled routine maintenance of the sewer system among other infractions.

“Belmar is cooperating with the department,” NJDEP Spokeswoman Caryn Shinske told the Asbury Park Press. “The DEP met with Belmar last week and Belmar has proposed closing the L Street Shark River beach to bathers until repairs to the system can be identified and corrected to prevent future discharges.”

Shinske told NJ Advance Media that the NJDEP supposrts and recommends the closure of the L Street beach.

No dates yet for repairs :(
rdal - 4/12/2019 2:07 PM
Those areas will now be closed until further notice then?
BeekeeperGreg - 4/12/2019 8:51 PM
I guess the Manasquan is where we will be diving.
bsharp117 - 4/14/2019 9:08 AM
Typical government not giving a damn :(
LatitudeAdjustment - 4/14/2019 10:52 AM
From bsharp117: Typical government not giving a damn :(

I saw something similar in Palm Beach County last month. A city owned sewage line on state park property had been leaking into a lake, not a dive spot but draining into one :(

They had been kicking the can down the road for years but decided to fix it when they heard President Trump was coming to town to talk about water quality. He ended up giving his speech 3 miles away in a spot probably picked by those same city officials.