Get the dives while they are free and hardcore.
hcdiveteambrian - 7/12/2013 10:10 AM
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Just finished over a month of dive work on a commercial dive operation, in the best of Southern California, getting somewhere between 60 and 90 dives. The dives were the most interesting and extreme I’ve ever seen. Plus I was offering (many of those) spots, most were free, to dive. We made at least 10 trips to Eureka, Elly-Ellen, completely alone during the week, which meant all solo dives for me, not just 1 dive and head to Catalina, it’s 3 Oil Rig dives!! Dived all the wrecks countless times that we could reach. When the offers are made they are basically put on hardcorediveteam facebook page. They don’t have much time in advance to respond, sometimes 8 hrs before departure the offer is made. It’s just how the scheduling goes and what I have in terms of space. I know some here seen the adds, I didn’t put them on here because of the short notices of time. Some divers took us up on the trips. But remember if they’re being offered by hardcorediveteam they are going to be bad ass! They’ll be resuming very soon, watch for the offers.
ReconShark - 9/07/2013 8:42 AM
Will do. I live in OC and always looking to do different dives all over SoCal.