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my gear
sadfish - 6/05/2010 2:04 AM
Category: Equipment
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Hi everyone,

Just sittin here and a little down. So I just thought I would see if I could get some help on my gear. This is what I have so far

sea quest pro qd w/i3 bc-suunto vyper air wireless computer-mask-fins-snorkel-aqualung legend glacia reg w/ legend glacia octopus-steel hp 120 tank-dui50/50 clx drysuit w/polartech 300 jumpsuit

I thought I would get everything else the next time I was at the dive shop but since I will be sittin around another weekend, just wondering if anyone wanted to help me with my list of things to get. THANKS, Tim

Happy - 6/05/2010 5:55 PM
Do you have gloves, boots, a dive knive, light and backup light, or hood yet? Maybe a spare air, they are handy and you can find them on ebay for pretty cheap.
sadfish - 6/05/2010 7:06 PM
Was not sure, you trust ebay?
steelheadfish - 6/06/2010 12:00 PM
look at a pony tank instead of spare air (we call it death in a can) it really dose not give you enough air beyond 50 feet, when your worked up and preathing heavy, plus they are spendy for what you really get. I have a 30cu pony it matched the hight of my hp80s well but a 13 cu and a very basic 1st and 2nd stage are not that spendy. Just a idea. My dive buddy used to carry spare air till we did some dive drills with it and he was suprisec how little air was available,
Elvis48 - 6/07/2010 7:19 PM
Well, as they’ve said: For certain, I would pick up - boots, gloves, knife, & lights.
The one thing I’ve had the most fun with lately is my camera (nothing too crazy, price wise), spent about $300 for the camera and housing, and does everything I need (take pictures/video underwater...).

If you’re diving without a charter, grabbing a few cheap spare items can save a botched dive. I’d pick up an extra tank o-ring (or 2), a spare mouthpiece (& zip ties), mask strap, batteries, etc... and bring along any tools you may need for quick service/repairs (screwdrivers, Hex/Allen, wrenches,etc). Typically with a good charter, they’ll have some of these things on hand, but you’ll be out of luck if you’re out there on your own.

 It might seem a bit unnecessary with a wireless gauge, but having simple single analog tank gauge as a backup, can provide a bit of security should a battery die, the digital gauge leak/get wet, or just fail in general. Usually about 50-80 bucks, some can even mount without hoses(directly on the first stage), but you’ll need your buddy to tell you how much air is remaining.
MrManta - 3/27/2016 9:40 PM
Hi my name is Terry,

Looks like you have more gear than you need..hahah Where do you dive? I live aboard my 46 foot Trimaran in the Sea of Cortez. My gear is simple (Navy diver trained) keep it simple stupid is what they taught us, so when the time comes, and it will, you have far less to think about.

For winter diving down here water in the high 60’s in just use a 7 mil. I also have a legend, No BCD ( I found them dangerous) so I just use a back pack. Fins are frog foot XSXcuba, great when you run into a couple knots of current. Summer just a shorty, and down here at 200 it is 82 degrees, so we are spoiled. With a single steel 95 and my back pack, I am perfectly neutral from say 200 up to 20 feet, then I stand on my head like the aluminum 80 divers do...hehe

I have some friends that come down to the boat for some diving and they drive a steel 120, but what a load to pull out of the water, not to mention a BCD with integral weights...yikes, a ton !

Been diving over 50 years so I keep my gear simple. Sometimes I see these guys diving with everything they could buy and they wonder why they go through air........yikes talk about thanks !

Hope you get more replies, it helps to see what other divers use...also makes for better choices.

Happy diving, Terry