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San Pedro, Belize
LandSeaAir - 1/31/2010 2:35 PM
Category: Travel
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Well, it is now almost Feb and I do not know where the time has gone. I thought my trip to Belize last week of Sept was taking forever to get here and then suddenly it is now the next year. I was going to get on here and go on about my trip as soon as I got back but I waited for my video grab still pics. Then it was next week then next week and next week again.
My first day of diving off of San Pedro was at the Blue Hole so I got it video taped by Mike at splash [ at ] who did an excellent job and as my dive buddy JT got one too, that lowered the price. (I said I would plug his business if he gave me a few more screen shots but I would have anyway)
I was looking for a trip that involved both diving and Mayan Ruins which I have wanted to see for most of my life. We found a simple dive package on Sport Diver Mag which included 4 days of dives and 6 nights hotel. This was perfect for me because I wanted days off between dives to explore.
Amigos Del Mar dive shop was right off our balcony at the hotel. Very good shop and I left my gear there the whole week and they took care of it so I didn’t have to lug it back and forth. We found out that the trip to Blue Hole was happening the next day so we exchanged a day dive from the package to the Blue Hole dive. We had to put up more money of course because the trip is over 2 hours one way and it included lunch, and two more dives.
Blue Hole was an exciting dive for me because it was somewhat cave-like going behind the stalactites, our computer said we were at 140 FT, and also there were the first “real” sharks I had dived with along for the trip. I was told lemon sharks. Up till now it has only been nurse sharks. These looked more,,,, mean? I kept an eye out for them the whole dive. There wasn’t much else nor could we stay long anyway at that depth so that was it for the Blue Hole. No really neat coral/critters as was on the next two dives that day. But you have to dive it,,,, like you have to see the Empire State Building if you go to NY.
We did go on two more dives while returning to San Pedro which were really great for coral, color, and critters. It also included a lunch stop at an island filled with red-footed boobies and wild iguanas.
In between dive days we went inland to the ruins,,,,, most excellent trip!