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Great Barrieer Reef, East Australia
Magdalena - 7/28/2009 2:49 AM
Category: Travel
Replies: 3

Going to the Eastcoast of Australia in January 2010. We will go to Brisbane and from there... who knows? Heard that it should be great to dive at the Great Barrieer Reef. Does anyone here has any advice on the absolutely best spot to dive at? Most of all we want to see corals, fishes and that kind of stuff. Also sharks.

We are 3 divers - two advanced and one who is a beginner (open water).


Magdalena - 7/29/2009 1:12 AM

And by the way, we will have 3 weeks, so we have plenty of time to travel. And antoher question I have:

do we have do dive at the reefs or is it just as good to snorkel?

h2ofria - 7/31/2009 7:19 PM

I have not dove in Austrailia but the snorkeling is fantastic. We went out of Townsville and Cairns both were suburb. You will want to dive though. There is so much more to see and you can get a lot more up close and personal with the flora and fauna.

In fact while I was snorkeling in Cairns four divers past underneath me, that is when I made the decision to start diving, I was so jealous.

DC_Steve - 8/11/2009 12:34 AM
I dove at Lady Elliot Island, which is about as close to Brisbane as you can get and be on the GBR. You have to charter a plane from Brisbane, Bundaberg, or sometimes other locations and it’s a small island with one eco-resort. Snorkeling is fabulous there. I saw a black tip reef shark in the two days I was there. There are many dive sites including shore dives and short boat rides (10 minutes). They even have nice reef wading trails where you can see giant clams and a variety of fish and corals without even having to swim (good for kids).

I’m sure the rest of the GBR is fabulous too. You can’t go wrong. Townsville and Cairns are the major launch pads for taking boats out to the reef from the mainland.