Dive Haven, White GA
C-Ray - 10/30/2008 1:34:00 AM
Dive Site: Kraken Springs - Scuba and Watersports Park - View Photos
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Kraken Springs - Scuba and Watersports Park - Dive Haven, White GA


divegeorgia - 8/06/2013 7:17 PM
Hey Instructors and Shop owners. This site is back open (under new management and operation standards). My name is Brian and I am coordinating this summer’s operation. The site is for INSTRUCTION only! We have dropped the fees from $25PP/PD to $20!!! Instructors and certified assistants are free, but must still sign waivers and rules.
If you want to take your students (OW, Advanced, Deep, Dry Suit, Nav, S&R, Rescue, PPB, and many more), give us a call or drop an email. We will send you PDFs of the forms necessary to use the facility.
Brian: divegeorgia@gmail.com 404-545-8909
See you there soon!