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Chichijima Island is a salt water dive site, located in Chichijima Island, Japan. The average visibility is 61-70ft/19-21m.

①Best season: Year round
②Water clarity: 20 m or more
③Water temperature: Annual average around 23°C (73°F)
④Popular diving spots
≪Yome Island:Maguro Cave≫ For intermediate to advanced divers
Features: This very popular spot is one of the best known of Ogasawara. Located approximately 1.5 hours north by boat from Chichijima Island it often has schools of 50 to 200 of migrating dogtooth tuna. You can also encounter big creatures, such as sea turtles, dolphins, eagle rays, and sand tiger sharks. This is an excellent point for underwater photography.
≪Kan-nuki Rock≫ For intermediate to advanced divers 
Features: Located about 20 min by boat southeast from Chichijima Island between it and Minamijima Island, this is a great spot for encountering large golden rays and schools of bigeye kingfish, dogtooth tuna, and spotted eagle rays.
≪Manzo Hole≫ For intermediate to advanced divers
Features: Located about 30 min by boat southwest from Chichijima Island, this is one of the most popular Ogasawara spots. Known for its white sands and a long cave with a heart-shaped exist, there is also a good chance of meeting a whitetip reef shark or a dolphin.
⑤Recommended diving shops: These are major accommodation as follows and further information here
・Papa’s Diving Studio
・Urashiman Diving Service
・Ogasawara Diving Center
・Diving Service FISH EYE
・Diving Service KAIZIN
⑥Hotel accommodation information: There are about 60 hotels and accommodation facilities.
For details information: Ogasawara Village Tourist Association Accommodations
⑦Tourist information:Ogasawara
・Guide Book:
・Chichijima Guide Book:
・Ogasawara Rule Book:

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