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Roca Partida, San Benedicto, Isla Socorro - Mexico

Roca Partida, San Benedicto, Isla Socorro is a boat accessible salt water dive site, located in Revillagigedos Archipelag, Mexico. This dive site has an average rating of 5.00 out of 5 from 3 scuba divers. The maximum depth is 121-130ft/37-40m. The average visibility is 91-100ft/28-30m. This dive site provides bathrooms and airfills.

Liveaboard only access, big animals and advanced diving

The Revillagigedos Archipelago, more commonly called Socorro is located in the eastern Pacific Ocean approximately 250 miles south of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – at the tip of the Baja peninsula. These islands have been compared to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador or Cocos Island in Costa Rica because of the big animal encounters they provide.

The Revillagigedos Islands consist of 4 islands – San Benedicto Island, Socorro Island, Roca Partida and Clarion. We simply call them Socorro. They are wild, remote and unpredictable and have been called the Mexican Galapagos. This area is famous for up close and personal encounters with the Giant Pacific manta ray, which can grow to 22 feet from wingtip to wingtip. We’ve been interacting with these gentle giants since 1992 and as a result of having worked with several manta researchers over the years, we have extensive ID’s on most of them and special relationships with many of them. We absolutely do not chase or ride the mantas, and we allow our interaction with them to be initiated by the mantas themselves. We believe that their continued willingness to interact with divers is due to the respect we have shown for them over the years. San Benedicto is by far the best location in the world to experience and photograph these gentle giants. The feeling of a wild animal this large deliberately interacting with you is something you will never forget.

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lucas - 4/12/2017 11:12 PM
Last minute offer for Socorro Island on the M/S Valentina with a mexican group. Travel dates from May 11 to May 20th. list price is $3,580. Last minute price is $1,900. Not included tips, nitrox, flight. Contact Lucas @ 1-443-472-3618,
seaturtle504 - 1/22/2017 6:53 PM
Rating Added: 5
Interactions with giant oceanic manta rays was amazing. We were frequently visited (up close) by curious dolphins. Lots of sharks here too, including schools of hammerheads.

A 26-hour crossing to get there, but worth it!
seaturtle504 - 1/22/2017 6:55 PM
Socorro highlights:
KenFreed - 11/23/2012 10:09 PM
Rating Added: 5
Great trip to San Benedicto, Socorros, and Roca Partida on the Nautilus Explorer.

Silkys, Galapagos and Hammerhead Sharks, 2 Whale Sharks, Eels, and tons of other critters.