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St. John is a salt water dive site, located in St. John, Usvi, Virgin Islands (U.S.). This dive site has an average rating of 4.00 out of 5 from 6 scuba divers. The average visibility is 61-70ft/19-21m.

Eagle Shoals
The prevailing southeast swells make this a tricky dive, but when seas are calm this site is magical. So much so that it has hosted several underwater weddings. Located on St. John’s east end between Ram Head and Leduck Island, arches, tunnels and caves are its signature features. The cave, known as “The Cathedral”, is encrusted with vivid sponges and orange cup coral. Schools of black durgeons, porkfish and silversides populate the shoal. Northeast of the cave is a series of deep walls and tiers that shelter spotted drums and Queen and French Angelfish.

Carvel Rock
This series of adjacent rocks, which serves as a nesting site for terns and other birds, is a fascinating dive when conditions are right. The south side is blanketed with sponges, gorgonians and a variety of sea life. The north face is the star attraction, dropping below 80 feet. Watch for stingrays in the sand and tarpon who regularly scavenge on silversides.

Here’s a site with an interesting and groundbreaking history. In a joint effort by NASA and the Department of the Interior and the Navy, Tektite was anchored at 50 feet to the seafloor in Greater Lameshur Bay. In 1969, four “aquanauts” spent two months being monitored by behavioral specialists for the psychological effects of extended isolation and the physiological results of breathing compressed air. Divers visiting the site will find a varied terrain of coral-encrusted tunnels, caves and ledges. Tarpon, squid, triggerfish, mackerel and small reef fish thrive here..

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sonicedge32 - 2/03/2016 12:10 PM
I went scuba diving here on 2/3/2016.
1st dive at calf island: lots of coral and the biggest lobster and biggest barracuda I have ever seen.
2ND dive at dog island: tons of corals and valleys to swim though.

Only had a shorty. Next trip bring full. It works really well with 14# weight - I think 10 in vest and 4 in trim.