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Carolina Breeze is a boat accessible salt water dive site, located in Rudee Inlet, VA. The maximum depth is 81-90ft/25-27m. The average visibility is 11-15ft/3-5m.

The CB is a 86ft fishing trawler that sunk on Oct. 7th, 2000. The Coast Guard air lifted 5 crewman in stormy weather 33 miles off our coast here, the Capt, Billy Haver remained on his vessel along with one crewman in an effort to save it from sinking. The Coast Guard returned to the site after dropping off
the 5 crewman and refueling, to find the vessel had sunk and only the crewman could be found. The Capt. had gone down with his ship trapped in the Cabin.

Commercial divers recovered his body Oct 12th, 2000. The dive boat "Miss Lindsey" had already been to the site in Nov while I was diving in FL, on Jan 7 ,2001 would be my first look at it and I wanted photos for my web site. The wreck sits in 90ft of water on its keel 33 miles NNE of Rudee Inlet, Va Beach
,Va. The water temp was 41 degrees top to bottom this time of year. The wreck has a temporary mooring line on it and we tied the boat to it. The mast and rigging rise to 46ft and can be a mess to go around in low vis like we had of only 10 or so feet. I entered the PilotHouse and went down the stairs to galley.
The galley crews berthing, Capt berthing, and head are very small. It is a very tight place to be with blankets, bedding, curtains, and such floating around.

Though I had hopes of finding something with the name on it as a artifact for display, it does not exist on the wreck. I looked for china in the galley and found that the crew was eating off paper plates and plastic forks, it is the way they do it today. I found a frying pan and one pot, I did not want either one.
Then I came across a china bowl, it still has the bar code on it as it must have been just purchased. I took it and will place it with the other things I have to display. It is an eerie feeling one gets being on a wreck that has just claimed a life. I could see a line that I believe the commercial divers used to pull the
body out and it stuck in my mind. I took several photos for my site and started up

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