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Tiger Beach - Bahamas

Tiger Beach is a boat accessible salt water dive site, located in Grand Bahama, Bahamas. This dive site has an average rating of 5.00 out of 5 from 2 scuba divers. The maximum depth is 16-20ft/5-6m.

Most (planned) great-white encounters take place in a cage. Which makes it all the more thrilling that you can encounter one of the ocean’s other top predators — the tiger shark — with no bars blocking your view during dives at legendary Tiger Beach off West end, Grand Bahama. Divers come from all over the world for the chance to come face to tooth-splayed face with the striped hunters. After an extensive briefing (yes, chum is used to attract the sharks and, yes, you might need to use your camera or the safety bar provided to push them away), it’s directly down to the sand to take in the spectacle. Lemon sharks and reef sharks usually show up first, and then it’s tiger time, with most animals ranging between 8 and 12 feet long. MAKE IT HAPPEN: Stuart Cove’s Tiger Beach Seafaris offers encounters at Tiger Beach for $250 per day, or packages that start at $571.

From SportDiver Planet’s 50 Greatest Dives, #16 Tiger Beach is unlike any dive you’ve ever made. For starters, it’s in the middle of nowhere; and no, there isn’t any beach. What’s more, the site is less than 20 feet deep, meaning you’ll likely make the longest dive of your life. And oh what a dive it will be. The stars of the show are the 12- to 14-foot-long tiger sharks, some with the vivid trademark stripes, which come in after the bait box is placed on the white-sand seabed. One of the oceans’ fiercest predators, the tigers are slow and methodical, in direct contrast to the hordes of ever-present, hyperactive lemon sharks. If the action gets slow, and it rarely does, hop over to one of the rarely dived walls only 15 minutes away, then head on back to Tiger Beach for another two-hour thrill-a-minute dive. — DE

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Sonya - 5/01/2014 2:58 AM
Rating Added: 5
I love sharks especially Tiger shark :)
lawdawg653 - 5/17/2012 12:17 PM
Rating Added: 5
Fantastic big shark encounters