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The Comet - Port Hadlock WA

The Comet is a shore accessible salt water dive site, located in Port Hadlock, WA.


The Comet is an approx. 100’ wooden hulled shipwreck just off the shore near Port Hadlock, just about 10 miles South of Port Townsend. The wreck sits in 15-40ft of water, very close to shore near the boat launch in Port Hadlock making it an easy shore wreck dive. It is lying on its starboard side at a steep angle with the majority of the hull in tact and sections of the deck and bow remain. The rest is jumbled up on the bottom but makes great hiding places for critters. The bow still stands while other remnants of the ship still lie on the bottom.
Special Restrictions:

Beware of boat traffic from the boat launch nearby. Dive flag recommended.
How to get there:

Take 116 to Lower Hadlock Rd which will run along the water. Right at the boat launch there is a road to the south called N Water Street. Park in the lot for the boat ramp and suit up, then shuffle down to the wreck site. The wreck is about 100yrds South of the parking lot just off shore from the “Clam Farm, Keep Out” sign. Enter the water here and swim down the slope to run into the bow in about 15fsw, visible from shore on low tides.

Dive Site Map

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