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Netarts Boat Ramp ( East Wall ) is a shore accessible salt water dive site, located in Tillamook, OR. This dive site has an average rating of 3.00 out of 5 from 3 scuba divers.

Location/Address: dive site is just to the left of the Boat Ramp in the Neatarts Bay which is just south of Tillamook Oregon

Driving Directions:
Take US. 101 south to the town of Tillamook Oregon. Turn right on 3rd St. You will see a big green and white sign that reads Netarts Boat Ramp 5 miles . after making the right turn you will follow 3rd St. out of town will only be a few blocks 3rd Street turns in to The Neatarts highway. You follow this for 5 miles you will come to another sign telling you to turn Left to reach the Boat Ramp pull in the parking lot on your right as you reach the Boat Ramp .

Free Parking: Yes.

Staging Area: Good, there are picnik tables that you can use for staging or there is a parking area just to the right of the boat ramp you can park to stage from you car or truck.

Surface Swim: Short surface swim.

Nearby Facilities: There are rest Rooms just to the left of the dive site and there is a great little dinner just a short walk across the parking lot from the boat ramp and for us wetsuit divers they don’t mind if you wear your wet suit in for lunch between dives. Food is good and the service is great.

Special Considerations: This is a active boat ramp so I would recommend a dive flag or at least extream caution
In Oregon you are allowed to use the boat ramps as entry and exit points so long as you do not impead the launching of boats .
Note: the boaters here are acoustomed to divers entering the water and are very friendly about it.

Maximum Depth: 35 feet this is a Rocky Jetty type dive and at the bottom of the rock wall is a sandy bottom with out much to see all the action is on the rocks.

Dive Site Description: enter the water by way of the boat ramp please stay to the right of the ramp next to the rocks. This allows the boats to be backed in to the water and loaded on to trailers while you are entering the water. I know this sounds dangerous but trust me there is more then ample room for every one wishing to use the boat ramp.

On the surface you simple kick out and to the left of the Boat Ramp after you reach a point behind the rest rooms you will see a sign telling the boaters this is a no wake Zone this is a good point to drop down to the bottom.

You will find yourself in a small patch of Eel Grass remember this place as this is where you will want to surface as well at the end of your dive.

The rest is simple as can be you will be swimming east along the rock wall with the rocks on your left. When it is time to turn your dive and heading back the rocks will be on your right.

I belive this is a nursery of some type as there is more then a few juvenile of just about every thing you can think of I have seen nudies here smaller then the tip of my little finger and crabbing here is great.

You will be diving closer to the rocks then is safe for the boats to go and deep enough at 35 feet that if they should there is little chance of any problems

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Cavtrooper - 10/31/2015 2:54 PM
I went scuba diving here on 9/3/2007. Average viz: 11-15ft/3-5m. Water temp: 50-55°F/10-13°C.
High slack tide. 1st time with drysuit. Underweighted