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The Wreck of the Minnie Breslauer - Bermuda

The Wreck of the Minnie Breslauer is a boat accessible salt water dive site, located in Bermuda. This dive site has an average rating of 4.25 out of 5 from 4 scuba divers. The maximum depth is 61-70ft/19-21m. The average visibility is 141-150ft/43-46m.

1873 - English Steamer

PhotoOne of the unluckiest ships to sink in Bermuda waters, The Minnie Breslauer was an English steamer built in 1872. The 300 foot steel hulled freighter was on her maiden voyage sailing between Portugal and New York, loaded with a cargo of wine, dried fruit, bales of cork and an unspecified quantity of lead in 160lbs. Ingots. On January 1st 1873, and unfamiliar with Bermuda’s reefs, the Captain edged his new charge towards the shore, where she probably collided with South west Breaker, her momentum carrier her to a point just off the South Shore beaches off Warwick where she ground to a halt. An attempt was made to rescue her, but this only resulted in her sinking.

The wreck now lies in about 65 feet of water pointing away from land and shallow water which makes it appear she must have reversed onto the reef, unless of course you remember she didn’t sink until during an attempted rescue. The bow lies on the reef, pointing out to sea in about 40 feet of water.

Wreck Certificate
The Minnie Breslauer is one of the wreck sites featured in the Bermuda Shipwreck Certificate Program

Divemasters Notes
The visibility to be expected on the Minnie Breslauer, is typically fairly good, 80 feet in the summer in normal and up to 200 feet during the winter months. The wreck lies in an area where you can often find moderate to heavy swell, but overall, it is an easy and interesting dive site. The stern is by far the most interesting section of this ship, as it has remained relatively intact, the propeller is still visible. The wreck lies across a rise in the reef, the section below the wreck is penetrable and with care you can easily travel the full length of the stern section underneath the ship. The main focal point on the top of the reef section around mid-ships is her huge boiler.

On the stern is the only piece of Black Coral known in such shallow depths in Bermuda. Unfortunately it is looking a little worse for wear and extreme caution to prevent any more exhalation bubble damage is required.

The vast sandy area that is now home to the stern section has some vast islands of coral reef, featuring tunnels and over hangs. These are always a must to explore and are usually abundant with fish life. Keep your eyes open for abandoned shells. Cowries, Tellins, Tritons and Heart Urchin shells are often found.

On top of the reef, a mass of hard, brain corals and thousands of Sea Fans and Gorgonian’s are interspersed with the remaining sections of the Minnie Breslauer, almost totally taken over by the reef, a keen eye will be able the pick out the winches and bow sprit as well as the main frame work of this steel freighter. You can often spot Flamingo Tongue Shells on the Fans and Gorgonian’s.

A guided dive is a definite recommendation, typically a 70 foot maximum dive, if you don’t take care you can easily over stay your time and not see the whole wreck. Ideally start you dive on the stern section and finish on the shallower bow.


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raykasper - 8/19/2014 5:44 AM
Rating Added: 3
It was my first ocean dive after earning my certificate. My mask kept fogging up but still was able to view the wreck. The dive was through Dive Bermuda and they were great!