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Dive Log > SantaFeSandy > Little River Springs
Wed, April 15, 2015
Dives: 1
Bottom Time: 54 minutes
Max Depth: 101-110ft/31-34m
Avg Viz: 91-100ft/28-30m
Water Temp: 71-75°F/22-24°C
Weight: 0
Exposure Suit: Fullsuit - 5 (Hood, Gloves, Boots)
Tank Type: Twin Steel - 85cf/12L
Gas Type: Nitrox
Dive Type: Cave
Dive Buddy:   John LaManna, Dave & Ralph from Ontario
Little River Springs
Branford, FL
Water Type: Fresh
Entry Type: Shore
Our dive was great fun despite a bit of a flow. This was our second dive of the day, having dove Peacock1 first. We penetrated approximately 850 ft., to just past the first 3-way split, where Merry Go Rounds goes to the right, and Serpentine to the left.

Water levels were up, we were the only divers there, and no swimmers had arrived until we surfaced. Tons of screaming kids, & cigarette smokers greeted us upon our re-entry into the gravity bound world, which being my first time diving there, I wasn’t expecting. Needless to say, I hustled to my truck. I look forward to diving it again, especially during the winter time.