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Dive Log > Tromptista > Moss Street Point
Thu, May 31, 2012
Dives: 1
Bottom Time: 50 minutes
Max Depth: 31-35ft/9-11m
Avg Viz: 26-30ft/8-9m
Water Temp: 66-70°F/19-21°C
Weight: 18
Exposure Suit: Fullsuit - 7 (Hood, Gloves, Boots)
Tank Type: AL - 80cf/11L
Gas Type: Air
Moss Street Point
Laguna, CA
Water Type: Salt
Entry Type: Shore
Dive # 260 - 1st Night Dive at Moss after Mondays dive there. This time it was completely high tide so the water was about 8 ft from the stairs. Some light surf breaking on the sand but was easy entry as could have been. (2 ft / West Swell forecast / High Tide 6:30 PM) The visibility was incredible, not quite as good as Monday but still excellent. Lots of marine life, calico, sheep head, eels, lobster, octopus, and YELLOWTAIL!! Yes, the water is so warm there were quite a few of them swimming around. This site has some amazing potential lots of caves and crevices to explorer. Another great dive with founders of NBTT (No Beach Too Tough), Get out and dive with us! (