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Dive Log > drwonga > Scotch on the Rocks
Fri, June 18, 2004
Dives: 1
Bottom Time: 54 minutes
Max Depth: 51-60ft/16-18m
Avg Viz: 41-50ft/12-15m
Weight: 10
Exposure Suit: Shorty - 3
Tank Type: AL - 80cf/11L
Gas Type: Air
Dive Type: Boat
Scotch on the Rocks
Christiansted, St Croix, Virgin Islands (U.S.)
Water Type: Salt
Entry Type: Boat
2800 psi to 800 psi
New dive site. Anchor boat. Great dive - turtle on surface before dive. Dive down a rocky/sandy bottom. Many of the similar critters as before. Saw a couple purple and blue sponges. A pair of coral banded shrimps on the edge of a barrel sponge. A couple 12" long groupers. Ribbon gorgonians, and a strange red/black either blasto coral or a type of mushroom. Great dive overall, no current. Many small fish, a ton of small newborns, 6+ cardinals.