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Dive Log > joe_bird > Vista Point
Fri, January 5, 2018
Dives: 2
Bottom Time: 64 minutes
Max Depth: 101-110ft/31-34m
Avg Viz: 5-10ft/2-3m
Water Temp: 50-55°F/10-13°C
Weight: 14
Exposure Suit: Fullsuit - 7 (Hood, Gloves, Boots)
Tank Type: AL - 80cf/11L
Gas Type: Air
Dive Type: Altitude, Deep
Vista Point
Lake Pleasant, AZ
Water Type: Fresh
Entry Type: Shore
Took a 0 degree heading off the float and found that someone laid out a runway made of rocks. At the end of that was a dive flag and the table with a skeleton sitting at it and hanging skepetons in the tree. Continued to the wall and descended right on top of the door, which someone now put a neon yellow line on that continues out past the wall. We followed that, hit the mining car track and kept following it past that. It led us to another smaller wall that we were already at the bottom of, which we explored before turning around.