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For members that wish to be Moderators (aka: DB Mods), please read the following.

Requirements to become a moderator:
- Must be an active member that logs into DiveBuddy at least once a week (DB Activity # greater than 500)
- Must be an active, certified diver (preferably Dive Master rating or higher)
- Must have a great understanding of DiveBuddy features (90% or higher required on this quiz)
- Must be friendly to everyone, even to members that are having a bad day

If you’re interested in becoming a Moderator, please request to join this dive club.

Responsibilities/Powers of a moderator:

As a DB Mod, you may be asked questions by other members, please try to help them as much as possible. If you see forum topics with questions that you are familiar with, please post an answer. Rate photos from time to time (use your best judgement).

Also, as a DB Mod, you have the following "powers":

Report bad/unwanted content: Use the "Report" link if you see spam or other inappropriate content (ie: nudity, vulgar or offensive stuff). Your vote counts more than regular members. Please indicate a reason when reporting content. Just remember we have families that use this site.

Change the Category or Title: If you see a photo, article or forum in the wrong category, click the "Moderator Change" link to update it (ie: a photo of a boat does not belong in the crustaceans category). You can also change the article or forum title. The member that posted the content will receive an email notifying them that a moderator changed the category or title. Do not change the category of photos in the "Profile Photos" category.

Merge duplicate dive sites: Review the duplicate dive sites to determine which one should be kept. It is usually best to keep the one that is oldest (ie: a lower dive site id). If the the dive site you are going to delete has a good description or additional data that you want to keep...copy the data to Notepad before merging. Then choose "Delete & Merge" on the dive site you want to delete. Then visit the dive site that you want to keep and click "Merge with this dive site" at the top. On the merge page, confirm the dive site id numbers and click "Merge". The merge process will transfer over photos, comments and ratings...but all other data from the old dive site is deleted. That is why it is a good idea to get a copy of the data you want to keep. After the merge, edit the dive site that you kept and make sure the data is accurate.

Delete Forum Posts and Survey Comments: If you notice a duplicate, inaccurate, inappropriate, or otherwise bad post or survey comment in the Forum section... hover over the post and click "Delete". If the post should be fixed or reworded by the member that posted it, please copy the post first and send a message to the member indicating why you’re deleting it and include the text from the post.

If anyone asks you a question, and you’re unsure how to need help deciding if certain content should be removed or whether a forum post should be deleted...please ask Greg or Becky.