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divershaun - 2/21/2010 1:34 PM
I am looking for a horse collar bc and I can’t find one anywhere. I know you can buy new ones from stores or online, but I dont feel like paying 200+ dollars for a brand new one when I KNOW people have old ones they are willing to sell. However, every time i ask about horse collars I get "ohh I just sold it" or "I gave it away" and it is frusterating. I have checked craigslist and ebay and havent found anything. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions, hints, or tips. It wold be greatly ap...
UDT swimmer vest
divershaun - 12/15/2008 10:19 PM
i was wondering if any of you kno where i could pick up a (non-expensive) UDT swimmer vest. me and my buddy do a lot of open water swimming, sometimes at night, and this is a good piece of equipment to have, plus it just looks cool haha. ive looked online and i could only fine two or three different types but they are brand new for 200+ dollars, and thats a bit too much. I havent had time to go down to the local army navy surplus store yet, but there is a good chance they wont have it so i thoug...