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Shark alert
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Doubles or Not
pk - 8/14/2007 8:24 PM
I recently dove with a buddy that used a adjustable cam band instead of the metal bands. They were easy to pack and set up. Also they were easy to change tanks for the second and third dive. Can anyone tell me if they have other advantages? I would also like to see where I can find a set to try out myself. Doutch is just a hop skip and blink away and doubles can keep me wet for a long time....
Bay Island Beach Resort, Roatan
pk - 8/12/2007 6:20 PM
Just got back from BIBR in Roatan. We had 87 degree weather the whole week. The island food was some of the best I have eaten, especially after a long day of 3 to 4 dives. The sites were mostly within 15 minutes of our dock. Two wrecks that were teeming with marine life. Crystal clear water, and a very friendly and knowledgeable dive master(Shervin). He knew the reefs like the back of his hand and led our group on some amazing swim throughs. We felt as comfortable with him leading as he did with...
pk - 8/05/2007 10:18 PM
Hello from the Bay Island Beech Resort. The water is absolutly wonderful, the clarity is 75 feet and the marine life so far is out of this world. Almost as good as Turneffe Flats, Belieze. Getting into a shark dive in two days. Will update if I don`t get eaten. Dave...
Dutch Springs
pk - 7/07/2007 12:00 AM
Today was one of the better weather days at DS. Water was 70 at the surface and 60 at the student platforms. 49 at the new plane, but the vis was poor due to the onslaute of beginners with poor bouyancy control. Still all in all a great day of diving....
The Blue Hole, Belieze The Blue Hole, Belieze
pk - 7/03/2007 12:00 AM
A long ride through a dark cool rain and we popped out at the end of a rainbow with a bright yellow sun. Through an openning along the rim and a short dive brief we all dropped to the sand, 65 feet down. A short buddy check at the edge of the wall, and into the abayss we desended. After a short stop at 130++ I looked up to see 20 to 25 reef shark slowly circling without giving us a second thought. As we ascended and came face to face with several of these breathtaking preditors I offered a thank...
Dui Dog Day Ralley
pk - 5/20/2007 12:00 AM
Had a great time this weekend at DS. Worked with an advanced class and a ow class. Even got to see some of the new gadjets Dui has out. Great weather, warmer(not warm) water, and a really great bunch of people just wanting to get wet and have fun. Have not run into a more hospitable bunch of people. There is a lot more tadpoles gearing up, will make some dads or moms dive buddies pretty soon. Come on out and have some fun....
Dutch Springs Pa
pk - 5/13/2007 12:00 AM
Hey, this comming weekend is the DUI Dog rally. Going to have some great fun and food. Get in on a chance to test dive a DUI and explore the horizons. I started to dive dry last year and have found it to be more comfortable. I find my air consumption a little more but it is worth it. Looking forward to a great time there. Hope to see some of you....
Belieze Belieze
pk - 5/06/2007 12:00 AM
Our group stayed at the Turneffe Flats Lodge. The staff there made it a most memorable stay from the personal touch to our individual needs. The Island food was tantilizing to the palete. Our DMs were very knowledgeable, friendly, and personable. Some of the most interesting diving I have done. The blue Hole, with the reef sharks was exciting. The marine life, and colour was very impressive. A must do. Thumbs up....